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Master Arts Theatre exisits to positively impact West Michigan artists and audiences through community theater that is wholesome, enlightening, and enriching guided by a Christian worldview.

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Master Arts Theatre is announcing auditions for our 2023-2024 Season Opening Musical, JANE EYRE, by John Caird and Paul Gordon.

Nominated for five Tony awards, Charlotte Brontë's great love story comes to life with music to lift your heart and set your spirit soaring. This beloved tale of secrets and the lies that secrets create, of unimaginable hope and unspoken passion, reminds us what it is to fall deeply, truly and completely in love.

Director:     Allison Brito

Music Director: Randall Burghart

Audition dates are:

SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2023 at 10:00 am

MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2023 AT 6:30 PM

Casting a medium-sized ensemble of strong singers and actors of all ages and ethnicities (limited roles under age 16). Multiple roles per cast member is highly likely. Rehearsals will be maximized for efficiency, and cast members will be expected to work outside of rehearsals to learn the material (resources available to help). Please prepare a 16-32-bar cut (one minute or less) from a contemporary musical. An accompanist will be provided. Please do not prepare to sing a cappella. British accents are not required.

For more information, character list and to pre-register for auditions online, visit masterarts.ludus.com.  Scroll down our event list to your preferred audition day & time and select Get Tickets, then fill out the included form.


Jane Eyre: F#3 - E5

Our story's protagonist. A young, strong-willed woman who is outwardly quiet, watchful and shy. Her beauty does not come from her physical appearance but rather from her character, humor, and strength. Aged 18-25

Young Jane Eyre: D4 - D5

Full of soul. Strong and willful. Aged 9-13

John Reed

Jane’s cousin, a bully. Aged 10-16

Mrs. Reed: D#4/F5

Jane's unpleasant aunt, who raises her until she is ten years old. Aged 35-50

Mr. Brocklehurst: D3 - G4

The owner of Lowood School. He must be an imposing and frightening figure to Young Jane; cold-eyed, zealous and pontifical. Aged 35-55

Miss Scatcherd: D4 - D5

A teacher at Lowood, she is a hard-faced and embittered middle-aged woman whose nature has been warped by dogged obedience to Mr. Brocklehurst and a natural distrust of anything unusual or imaginative. Aged 35-60

Marigold: D4 - E5

A servant at Lowood School. An ex-schoolgirl herself, she has been kept to do the dirty kitchen work and cleaning. She is semi-moronic and entirely without humor. Aged 15-25

Helen Burns: A3 - C#5

A woman of calm and spiritual demeanor. She is intellectually and spiritually engaging. Teaches the young Jane her most important lesson in life. Aged 12-16

Mrs. Fairfax: F3 - C5

Rochester's elderly relation and the house-keeper of Thornfield Hall who is fussy, garrulous, and kind-hearted. Aged 50-70

Robert: Bb2 - Bb3

The Butler at Thornfield, he is dry and intelligent, and a martyr to Mrs. Fairfax's whims. An understanding and reliable servant to Rochester. Aged 25-55

Adele: B3 - C5

The ward of Mr. Rochester. A French girl. Aged 8-12

Grace Poole: A3 - D5

Bertha Mason's minder and nurse who is caring and capable, and has an occasional fondness for the liquor pot. Aged 30-60

Edward Fairfax Rochester: B2 - G4

An intelligent and powerful male presence, he has been greatly damaged by life and is therefore quite prickly and demanding, but has a keen sense of humor and engaging personality. Aged 40-50

Blanche Ingram: B3 - B5

The clever, sophisticated, and stunningly beautiful woman who is to be married to Rochester. She is witty and graceful but also possesses a stunning voice. Aged 20-35

Lady Ingram

Blanche Ingram's mother. An amply proportioned woman who wears an expression of almost insupportable haughtiness, her eyes are fierce and her voice deep. She is pompous and dogmatic. Aged 50-65

Lord Ingram: Blanche Ingram's father. Aged 50-65

Mary Ingram: Sister to Blanche

Mr. Eshton: Member of high society

Louisa Eshton: Member of high society

Amy Eshton: Member of high society

Colonel Dent: Member of high society

Mrs. Dent: Member of high society

Richard Mason: C3 - G4

Bertha Mason's brother. He is a well educated gentleman, but mentally and emotionally weak as he is haunted by the wrong he has done to Rochester and the need to care for his deranged, unhappy sister.

Bertha Mason: C#4 - C#5

Rochester's mad wife, kept in the attic of Thornfield Hall. She is strangely beautiful yet a criminally deranged bride stuck in the moment of her final happiness.

The Vicar

St. John Rivers: C3 - G4

The appealing and handsome curate of the parish of Gateshead who is caring for Mrs Reed at her death. He is a complex young man, passionately devoted to his Christian faith and duty.

Ensemble - Servants; Schoolgirls

JANE EYRE is produced with permission from MTI - Music Theatre International

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