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SPREAD YOUR GARMENT OVER ME captures the spirit and character of several women from the Bible and speaks to a modern audience. Through speech and song, these women's stories address issues of faith, religion, and surprisingly contemporary challenges.

Visit with Eve as she looks back over the choices she made in the garden; share Sarah’s anguish over her barrenness and her joy over the coming of Isaac; meet Dinah, the petulant spoiled teenager; travel the temple steps with Anna as she awaits the coming of the Promised One. These and other revelations by Rahab, Deborah, Michal, The Witch of Endor, Mary Magdelene, Rizpah, the Syro-Phoenician woman, the Woman at the Well and Peter’s Wife will draw you into their thought provoking stories.

Director:     Cathy Van Lopik

Peformances Dates:

JANUARY 18 - 27, 2024

Thursday - Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m.

Saturday matinees at 2:00 p.m.

SPREAD YOUR GARMENT OVER ME is produced with permission from Blue Moon Plays, Virginia Beach, VA.

Fiona Bergin (Mary Magdalene)

Fiona has made her mark at Master Arts Theatre in our productions of A Christmas Carol and The Crucible. Her love for the arts is evident in her dedication to bringing biblical characters to life on the stage. Fiona finds joy in working alongside incredibly talented women, fostering a collaborative environment that allows these biblical characters to become real and relatable.

Ardean Brock (Sarah)

Ardean is making her Master Arts Theatre debut! Her previous credits include two renditions of Rumplestiltskin; once in high school, where she played the role of Mother Hulda, and then with Caledonia Community Players, where she played a Lady-in-Waiting. Ardean also showcased her creativity by crafting and performing a self-written Mary monologue for Breton Woods.

Ardean enjoyed collaborating with talented young individuals, fostering a creative environment that encourages growth.

“Our God is the God of the impossible.”

Emmalyn Burri (Peter's Wife)

Emmalyn has left her mark on the Master Arts Theatre stage with diverse roles. From portraying Princess Victoria in The Princess and the Pauper to the Child in The Singer and taking on the roles of Imogene in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Susanna in The Crucible, her performances reflect a range of characters and emotions.

Beyond her acting talent, Emmalyn has also contributed to the visual aesthetics of the stage. You may remember her beautiful artwork that graced the set of our most recent show, Seeking the Child. Emmalyn's artistic and theatrical contributions showcase her multifaceted talents, adding a vibrant and visually captivating dimension to the world of theater at Master Arts Theatre.

“Fais de ta vie un rêve, et d'un rêve, une réalité.” (FR)

“Make your life a dream, and of a dream, a reality.” (EN)

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Laura Dilley (Eve)

Laura is making her Master Arts debut! Beyond her involvement at MAT, she has also done drama at Orchard Hill Church.

Marilyn Field (Rahab)

“I love the Bible studies and fellowship with fellow Christians.”

Laura Harris (The Woman at the Well)

Hannah Harrison (Michal)

Hannah is making her debut at Master Arts Theatre! Her passion for the performing arts has taken her to the New York Film Academy for Musical Theatre and the Acting for Film Conservatory. Among her experiences, Hannah holds a special place for performances in notable shows such as Urinetown and Cabaret in New York, And Then There Were None at GRCT and The Lion King.

Hannah finds joy in meeting new people and engaging in the playful nature of performance. A deeper purpose drives Hannah's love for bringing stories to life on stage – she hopes these narratives will spark curiosity, encouraging audiences to revisit scriptures, study, and imagine for themselves.

Rebekah Karel (Deborah/ Woman)

Rebekah is returning to Master Arts Theatre with her first show since 2007, bringing a wealth of experience to the stage. Her theatrical journey includes diverse roles in productions such as Mary Poppins at GR Civic Theatre, where she skillfully portrayed Mrs. Brill. Rebekah was also involved with Shadblow Theatre both in Cinderella as Madame and the character of Ladybug in James and the Giant Peach.

Her versatility continued to shine in performances like Hairspray with Caledonia Community Players, Tracy Turnblad, and To Kill A Mockingbird at Circle Theatre, where she portrayed Mayella Ewell. Rebekah's return to Master Arts Theatre is a testament to her enduring passion for the stage, and her impressive repertoire of roles showcases the depth and range of her acting abilities.

“It has been beautiful seeing God reveal things to me in His word as I study scripture about these incredible Biblical women. Spending time with the character Deborah has ministered to me and I hope it ministers to the audience as well! As you listen to the stories of these women I hope you are able to see yourself as part of God's story. Open your heart and mind to hear what He would have for you to hear.”

Jessica Kresge (Syro-Phoenician Woman)

Jessica is Master Arts Theatre debut!

Before joining MAT, she contributed to the theater world with roles in productions such as The Princess and the Pea and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Jessica has also been a familiar face in numerous Christmas pageants.

Jessica brings a dynamic element to her theatrical background, having spent two years traveling on a singing and drama team.

“I have enjoyed learning about each of the character's stories and background through our Bible studies. It has really made me look more closely at my own character and contemplate her faith and what really drove her to Jesus.”

Reagan Lewis (Claudia)

Reagan has showcased her talent on the Master Arts stage before in Horizons of Gold and Orphan Train, showcasing her talent on the MAT stage. Her involvement in the world of theater extends beyond MAT, with notable roles in various productions through Homeschool Performing Arts in shows like Titanic the Musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Mary Poppins, Hello Dolly, The Wizard of Oz, and "Phantom."

Reagan appreciates the unique opportunities presented by all-female casts. In a landscape where many shows often center around and cast mostly men, Reagan finds it enriching to be a part of productions with an all-female cast.

“Trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone, and connecting with others is such an important and enriching thing. God created us to glorify Him through community, it's truly a blessing to do so.”

Angie Martin (Anna the Prophetess / Woman)

Angie is making her Master Arts Theatre debut! Her journey in the theater world has ranged from junior high and high school productions to college performances. In addition to her scripted work, Angie has also ventured into the world of improv.

Angie enjoyed studying each character in depth, investing time to understand and embody the roles she takes on truly. She values the opportunity to get to know her fellow cast members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the theatrical community. For Angie, being a part of Master Arts Theatre marks a return to the stage, adding a new and exciting chapter to her performance journey.

“Women can be used by God to do extraordinary things. And He will use you in amazing ways.”

Heather Martin (Dinah)

Heather is making her Master Arts Theatre debut! Before joining MAT, she contributed her talents to various productions, including a role as a Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast and a school-made show called You Can't Make This Stuff Up.

Her behind-the-scenes contributions are notable, having served on the Costumes Crew for productions like Newsies," as well as on the Art Crew for The Little Mermaid. Heather's multifaceted involvement in both on-stage performances and behind-the-scenes roles reflects her dedication to the theatrical arts.

“I've loved meeting and getting to know everyone here. Learning about these women's stories in the Bible and those around me left me feeling very touched. I personally have loved working and acting with the people here at Master Arts. To be surrounded with other actors who share the love of God is truly an amazing experience!”

Emily Shaull (Ritzpah / The Woman Caught in Adultery)

Emily is making her Master Arts Theatre debut!

Before joining MAT, she showcased her talent in productions like The Wizard of Oz at Riverwalk Theater and The Little Mermaid at Midway Theater, where she portrayed the character of Andrina.

She enjoys working with Master Arts Theatre, whom she's admired since she saw Jane Eyre. Emily particularly enjoys portraying real Biblical women, finding parallels between their stories and the shared human experience. For her, the narratives of these characters, just like our own, ultimately point back to Christ.

“All glory to Christ. Every story points back to Him and His faithfulness throughout every circumstance. Trust Him today.”

Therese Zimmer (Witch of Endor / Woman)

Therese has been a valuable presence at Master Arts Theatre, having participated in several shows, with her most recent role being in Seeking the Child: The Tale of the Other Wise Man. For this show, she enjoyed working with Cathy Van Lopik, meeting new people, and delving into the narratives of the women of the Bible, allowing her to empathize with and gain a better understanding of the challenges these women may have faced.

“Thank you for your support. God Bless.”